Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Elle Banghart- Guest Blog

Hello! My name is Elle Banghart and I am a Junior in Entomology 115. I am studying Special Education and Elementary Education. I am taking this class because its an ACE requirement but I can see how this class could potentially benefit my students in the future. I was thinking about using this class along with the lab to integrate a bug unit for students to participate in. I could even keep my bug collection that I am doing in 116 to show students all the different bugs I am collecting for my final collection. Bugs have always grossed me out, but this class kind of pushes you out of your comfort zone with trying to interact and observe bugs. Cockroaches have always scared me, but interacting and seeing the cockroach eat and move throughout its habitat was interesting. I named my cockroach Rihanna and she ended up being very active throughout observation. Without taking this class, I would not have the new found knowledge that I do about different insects!

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